Lisa – Teddy Babes

LISA is a special, beautiful and practical love doll made by Teddy Babes. She is velvety soft because she is a plush doll. The velvety soft plush material makes it delightful to cuddle up to Lisa.


Red-haired LISA is full of passion and has a naughty side. She has gorgeous green eyes. Her nipples are reddish pink and the color of her pubic hair is ‘dark auburn’. LISA comes with, in comparison to the photo’s, beautiful black lingerie. (the lingerie supplier stopped producing green lingerie) ; Lisa’s fingernails an toenails have a dark fuchsia color. Lisa is also delivered with golden earrings.

Lisa is a non inflatable love doll. Lisa is warm, friendly and soft, just like a teddy bear: Teddy Babes are a delight to snuggle up to!

LISA has a quality wig. The wig is firmly adjusted with a series of strategically placed safety pins. This makes is able to remove the wig for cleaning purposes of replacement.

LISA can be undressed and then redressed with other petite-size ladies wear.

LISA can be positioned in different ways. Her body consist of three rotating joint (head and both of her shoulders) The head can be turned from left to right. The arms can be lifted above her head or to the site of her body.

In addition to these rotating joints LISA has a flexible wire skeleton, which you can use to position the elbows, wrists, legs, ankles etc. You can tilt the head or move the head by using the wire in the neck.

U can have intercourse with LISA. The virginal entrance might be LISA’S most unique and unusual feature. It comes complete with ultra soft pussy plush insert and realistic pubic hair. This vaginal insert is a tight space, like a real vagina. This insert can be removed for easy cleaning, with soap and warm water, and then dried, replaced, and used again. Beside the insert it is possible to use a female condom.

LISA is 122 cm long and she weighs 4,5 kilo.